Tuesday, May 18, 2010

forget about the boy

i went to the beach this weekend.
and in the moonlight
don't you think about him
sister, you're much better off without him
you can blow the blues a kiss goodbye
and put the sun back in the sky
for when he comes crawlin', i'm not fallin'
shout hooray and halleluh!
now me and mr. wrong are through
i'll find myself another beau
who i know is no rover!
forget about the boy!
-thoroughly modern millie

i have a lookbook account. can you find me?


'Nin said...

you are a joy

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

your posts are always amazing! you are so beatiful!
oh thank you!--my necklace is from tatty devine, they sell such beautiful things! :)

Sarah said...

beautiful pictures girl! and your blog is adorable xx