Sunday, April 18, 2010

like a field of rice, i've grown out of view

i have been having nonstop rehearsals! i haven't been able to get much of a break lately. but, i love it. i love it so much. i've also been listening to a lot of michael buble and musicals. i'm very excited to put on a show as amazing as chicago. i'm also doing a monologue from A Chorus Line for a drama class. what did you guys think of the new episode of glee?
i want to be living for me more than for other people.
i want to watch rugrats with my girls more.
i want to take more walks in the spring air.
i want to find my lost shoe.
i want no more of this spiritual fatigue that is haunting around me.
i want you to get back into my life.

this is a cake that one of our stage managers made for chicago. it has roxie and velma sitting downstage on it. and then my drama teacher at the back! she's an artist with pastry. sorry if my posting is a little bit slow for the next little while, i promise i'll post pictures of the show after it is done.


daisychain said...

cute nail!

Anonymous said...

just stopping by, lovely layout.

sophie said...

love those nails so much :) thanks for the comment on my blog

Helen said...

ahh cupcake on your nail! great

Carmen said...

Awww cute nail!