Sunday, March 14, 2010

let's go fishing(for compliments)

so many sweets. too many sweets. is that possible? i think not!
i wish we could be a couple. we'd be a gosh darn great one. relationships are easy, yet difficult. i feel like i could prove that relationships are somehow a paradox. but i'd rather just let things be, and not go into that. i got the advice to think of something that I like, or a moment that is fresh in my mind; and think about it + pretend that moment is happening again. the thing is, i already do that, night and day. sometimes i'm living in a dream.
i dyed my hair. you can see it in the last two pictures with my team. oh, how i love improv. and curly hair.
what is the cutest story you can think of? preferably a personal experience. write it below in the comments! thank you so much! i love cute stories. i also like cute relationships.

tuck me into bed.


PinkBow said...

wise words, relationships are so difficult. but good at the same time.

Anonymous said...

relationships. mm. when you're in one, it gets difficult sometimes but it's worth it to get through all the hard times. :)

i dont know if it's cute or not but yeah, my beau and i, we do heaps of silly things together. sometimes out of the blue, we'd make animal noises and pretend we understand each other. haha.

another cute experience would be the night he asked me to be his girlfriend. the whole journey home from the restaurant, he kept saying, "i love you"! and he kept telling me the time when the time was shown right in front of my eyes, in the car. ahaks! :)

btw, i love your hair color!

have a sweet day ahead, erin! x

jessica said...

cutest story ever ? uhmm.
hm .
it would probably have something to do with my dogs, and that might be a biiit pathetic, so i'll refrain ahahha .

daisychain said...

too many sweets = totally impossible

MARISA said...

cute post....

check out

its kind of like cute stories shown through pictures

makes me feel fuzzy

jessica said...

oh god, hot chocolate, my oh-so-fattening vice ♥

belle in arms said...

that relationships are like a paradox is to say the least. They're impossible, but amazing.

tiffany said...

no way! you can't have too many sweets ^_^

hmmm cute story? well the cutest thing that happened to me recently was when my boyfriend came to my college {four hours away from him} and surprised me with flowers for no reason at all. ahhh it made me so happy!

xo tiffany

ps: you have an adorable blog :)

TheNameIsKatie said...

Erin, your a cool cat. I noticed the sudden change in hair.. it seems almost ginger, maybe? jealous. Ginger people are the coolest of the cats. (just so you know)

I remember when i was 6 and went to Disney world. During the parade that they had 'Ariel' from 'The Little Mermaid' smiled and waved at me. My 6-year-old dreams came true :)