Monday, March 22, 2010

it's really cute and funny

dark chocolate for breakfast every day. i get to have a short break. it's nice. i'll wear lots of dresses. my hands are cold. i miss things. i'm planning on sleeping at my friend's house for the weekend. her family is wonderful. she makes me glitter books.
i am in a choir class and we watched RENT. i was extremely happy about it. I can't watch that movie too many times. It's beautifully structured. I wish I saw more movies. I have a list of movies that I want to see. suggestions?
i listen to a lot of nevershoutnever! i also listen to a lot of slow club, and michael buble. i've been having many hopeful moments lately.

the dollhouse on my dresser is lonely without anyone living in it.


daisychain said...

gorgeous pics x said...

I have tons of movies to suggest. Which genre are you interested in?

EleanorRose said...

lovely pics, i just discovered your blog, its so sweet :) xxx

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Loving the second picture :)

TheNameIsKatie said...

You should see Phantom of the Opera for heavens sake! I still can't believe you haven't seen that. Glitter books are magical.

jessica said...

movies to see:
- the wedding singer
- crash
- nightmare before christmas
- thirteen
- casablanca
- fight club

*must see for everyone everywhere.