Thursday, December 31, 2009

you're a honey, with a following of innocent boys

a summary of 2009 would be impossible. but i'll try my best.
taking millions of pictures. eating carrots and reading the books my friends madison and tatiana wrote for me. making breakfast in a hotel and awaiting bev (a-bev-blog.blogspot) to return from the hospital after dislocating her knee. singing circle songs. whipped cream. creating silly clubs.
monologues and plays and musicals. post-it notes. making poems out of text messages. writing raps. porcelain cats. listening to the soundtrack of spring awakening and loving every bit of it. watching strangers with candy too many times. leaving messages at the lake. watching sunsets.
having an obsession with a very potter musical. paige railstone and everything within nerdfighteria. EFT. pretending to be massie block. seeing movies like breakfast at tiffany's, 500 days of summer, harry potter and the half blood prince, up, now and then and matilda. making pancakes with lovely girls in the morning. attending sustainable development conferences. being lady gaga and hannah montana for halloween.
photoshoots with raez (cheapthrillsss.blogspot). seeing my best friend who moved many times. drinking belgian chocolate tea. reading the mortal instruments, paper towns, the perks of being a wallflower, to kill a mockingbird and the catcher in the rye-and then buying them. loving high school musical 3, no matter how cheesy it may be. being a part of an improv team. watching glee every wednesday night. talking on the phone with people i could talk to for hours.
the best things happen while you're dancing
things you would not do at home
come naturally on the floor
for dancing soon becomes romancing
when you hold a girl in your arms
that you've never held before
even guys with two left feet
come out alright if the girl is sweet
if by chance their cheeks should meet while dancing
proving that the best things happen while you dance
-the best things happen while you're dancing
there's just one last thing for 2009. I wrote my first song on guitar! I'm glad. I'm glad I know the people I know, and I'm content. Tonight I'm going to be celebrating the ending of a decade, and it seems pretty insane that it's the end of the Noughties. What are some of your best moments of this year? This decade? Have a nice last day of the decade, fabulous!


Anonymous said...

you have a happy new year erin, cant wait to check out your posts in 2010(doesnt saying that feel weird!)

Anonymous said...

GREAT post. hope you had a good new year (:
ummm my highlight was moving to londonnnn. xxxx

The Owl Diary said...

sounds like a wonderful 2009! i hope you have a happy 2010! & i, too, watched glee every week. as for my best moments of this year, it was studying abroad to dublin, paris & london.

LML said...

you look uber fierce as lady gaga - and i love your nails!
hope you have a WONDERful year:)

anna bu said...

whoa your eyes are so pretty!
happy new year darling! all the best!!

annabu :)

frances said...

ace photos! so pretty x

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful! Your 2009 sounds like it was awesome - congrats on your first song. And I totally loved hsm 3 as well, hahaa.

Jess said...

such pretty photos - especially the gaga inspired one :)

S and O said...

ooooh I love the mortal instruments series:) totally ate those books have a favorite character???

Congrats on writing your first song!

looks like you had an amazing 2009, here's to an even better 2010!!!
Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

have a lovely new year, erin! x

Lauren said...

such lovely photos - it looks like you had a great year! happy 2010 :)

Damsels said...

i love that little mask .. its looks adorable .. did you wear that for new years?

robyn bones adams said...

I like your life.