Sunday, November 8, 2009

i'm keeping a book of everything great

There is something you need to read right now, before even taking a second look at my blog. But thank you for the comments about my new layout, I appreciate it!

Everytime I do a photoshoot with Raez (, I have so much fun! I love all the outfits I get to wear(I even got to wear a fur coat! Check her blog for more), the hair and makeup, and just the whole experience. I'm thinking of possibly doing some outfit posts, but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in seeing that. Right now I'm wearing a floral dress with a black cardigan and pearls. Oh, and my hair is in an updo with a cute white bow in it. I really love bows. As well as a lot of people. We will see.
This past while has been filled with birthday celebrations, being hannah montana, glee anticipation, owl city, harry potter, hiphop dance class, attending shows, lots of love, learning about hockey, vocal jazz, cell phones, ice cream with bananas, improv, math class, singing so much my head hurts, seeing great friends, and making great friends.

You Don't Love Me Like You Used To - Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet
100 Mph (In 2nd Gear) - Gemma Ray
I Wanna Sex You Up (Cover) - Glee Cast
Kiss From A Rose - Seal
High School - Jeremy Fisher
My Perogative - Britney Spears
Jump Around - House of Pain
The Lamest Place In The World -13 The Musical
More Than Alive - ALL CAPS
Paper Cuts - The Boy Least Likely To
I went to a conference all about sustainable development, with an Eco Club that me and a few girls started after going to a conference last year. I showed them a lovely book that I made. I found the idea on kind over matter!
Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo? I was going to, but sadly, I had a bad start.
Let me know some of your favourite love songs, and possibly a cute/romantic/nice/sweet story about you and a special someone; a recent one, an old one-it doesn't matter!


Style Bird said...

Great photos..the last one is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous in raez's photoshoot! i love it when i do little photoshoots! they are just so fun!

robyn bones adams said...

I really like the photos in this entry :D You are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

that last photo is amazing! great post, so much stuff to read. Glen Hansard sings some beautiful songs, he's from the Once soundtrack, definitely worth a listen. xx

LML said...

the last photo is sooo good!
love boy least likey to too!

in company with sparkles said...

Erin, you are stunning! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But truly - this is apparent even without the fancy styling and make up from the shoot.
My sister has done NaNoWriMo a few times successfully but decided not to do it this year either, for time's sake. Probably wise!

with love,

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

the last photo is amazing! :)

Tzoules said...




Anonymous said...

i love your shoots with raez! you looked stunning in the latest, and of COURSE we would want to see outfit posts. they are epic :)

hannah said...

cute, i like the fur

Anonymous said...

you have such pretty eyes!

Raez said...

hey gorgeous;) i am loving all the photos, ahaha!

anyways, i will have to agree with everyone here, youre a beaut. and a great model/friend!