Saturday, October 10, 2009

butterscotch and delicate hands

I finally did it. I finally saw Breakfast At Tiffany's. It's quite lovely, and the imagery is nice. I'm glad I saw it. I like seeing things that are older, everything seems to have such charm compared to now. I was looking at my father's old school yearbook, it's weird to see how life has changed and stayed the same.

October has come, and already there is snow on the ground. A thin layer, but it is still upsetting. I was looking forward to rolling in the autumn leaves. I've been sitting in my home, drinking glasses of milk, and eating toast with jam. I've been dreaming of being wrapped up in a blanket with a special someone, and watching movies like Now and Then and Madeline, and maybe even Matilda or 500 Days of Summer.

I've been writing my own Happy Lists in various notebooks. I am in love with writing lists.

paper cranes, cupcakes, balloons, ballet shoes, peanut butter, orchestras, tea, bubble baths, editorial models, trampolines, blue skies, massages, people who write sweet emails, sending postcards, sparkly fingernails, hula-hoops and adventures.

I would like to have this.
Take part in this:

“There is not one big cosmic meaning for all, there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person.”
— Anaïs Nin

I got together with some friends, and we made crafts, involving tons of glitter! I made a glittery dinosaur that I am planning on giving a very sweet person that I am getting to know. I like getting to know people. Especially people who want to get to know me back.

Trouble - Nevershoutnever
She Sends Kisses - The Wrens
One Man Band - Washington
Voices Carry - Til Tuesday
Silver City - Susie Ro & Ayla
I Love You More Than Yesterday - Spiral Staircase
When I Go - Slow Club
Hoppipolla - Sigur Rós
Dear Time Traveler - The Scene Aesthetic
Don't Wanna Cry - Pete Yorn
Autumn - Paolo Nutini
Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

I am going to listen to every single one of the songs you all posted in the comments of my last blog post. Now, another question(should I stop asking these?). Do you watch Glee? What do you think of it? It is one of my favourite television shows, and I want your input!


Nicci said...

OH MY GOD! Just watched episode 2 of season 1 and I am IN LOVE with Glee! There is no show that makes me happier!

Belle said...

Your happy list makes me happy. I don't watch Glee, everyone says its amazing but I really dont need another show to add to my list of things to watch each week. I am in love with the vampire diaries however.

Jocelynne said...

Please share some more of your happy lists, they make me smile! Snow already? I'm still waiting for the leaves to change colour haha. Anyways, I really enjoy reading your blog. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

jessica said...

glee is funny, but i could do without the musical singing parts .. but i know thats an integral part of the show so im just being picky ahah ;]
& ME TOO, lists are my life.

LookingGlassGirl said...

I love that last image, of the poem. It is so sweet.

alicat. said...

Your happy list made me smile. I have never even heard of Glee, I'm in Australia, maybe we do not have it here? And your altered book is so so soo sweet, i love altered books. :)
I'm Ali, btw. :) xx

CAT said...

wow love your blog,how dya get ur layout?xxx

Sophia said...

YAY GLEE. :) i'm so glad everyone likes it, hopefully it'll stick around.

you have fantastic taste in music. i love love love slow club

Einnie said...

the pictures are lovely and very gorgeous.
glee is a favourite of mine too, their songs are always amazing.

Fashion&Such said...

Never heard of glee!
& i love your questions :)
gorgeous photos too!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

ah creative fun! you make me want to go get pots and pots of millions of different colours of glitter!
you are magic!
i really wanna watch glee, i need to check it out.

Madeleine Miranda said...

Love the pictures of yours, very inspirational!

Have a look at my blog if you get the chance :)

robyn bones adams said...

I have watched one episode of glee. The one with Kristen Chenowack or however you spell it. The girl from Wicked who sings popular.
You obviously know who I'm talking about.
Keep asking the questions.
I don't really like the show :( Don't hate me, but my tv shows that I like consist of Survivorman and Friends.

I like your blog a lot.

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

love the first photo and the one with the polaroids! and your happy list is so sweet. paper cranes and cupcakes would also top my list :)

oh and I'm also a Glee fan.. bit of a sucker for musicals, plus the humour is right up my alley!

cupcake♥trash said...

cute photos.

Enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

J'aime beaucoup la première photo et ton blog est vraiment super
Happy new year