Friday, August 21, 2009

lettres d'amour
She takes amazing photographs, you really should check other ones out, and comment!
I also have a flickr account, the link is on the sidebar of my blog!
A Current Obsession of Mine.
"Be careful what you wear to bed at night, you never know who you'll meet in your dreams."
Darren Criss has so much talent, and I'm in awe!
I want to see Cherrybomb so badly! Rupert Grint is AMAZING.

8x10-Fefe Dobson
Won't She Be Surprised-The Bicycles
Träume-Francoise Hardy
Ties-The Momeraths
Symphony 1 In The Barrel Of A Gun-Emily Wells
Sun Giant-Fleet Foxes
Seaside-The Kooks
Scenic World-Beirut
Mr Sandman-The Puppini Sisters
Melody-Erin McKeown
Little Boxes-The Submarines
Let's Get Together-The Go-Go's
Cigarettes-Russian Red
Let's Lay Together-The Isley Brothers
Shy Kind of Guy-Gogol Bordello

What are some back-to-school trends, outfits, or looks you are into? I'd love hearing from you!


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i want to see cherrybomb too!

and i think i am really liking the sequin trend and the bold shoulder dresses from h&m...they are quite nice.

Anonymous said...

mr sandman bomobom bring me a dream bombombom make him the cutest that ive ever seen....
enough said|:)

im REALLy into the preppy gossip girl look atm for back to school cuteness :)

beverley said...

I especially love the first picture!
thank you for showing me the tumblr.

jessica said...

gorgeous photos , thanks for the heads up:)
& great playlist !

Fashion&Such said...

beautiful photos

clairegrenade said...

i do quite love this post

Anonymous said...

oh, thankyou so much for your comment dear, and these photos are so beautiful, i will now have to go and check out some of these links ♥

karl's sweet child said...

thanks for your comment in my blog :)
i love your blog.. cute pictures

Jocelynne said...

omg I want to see Cherrybomb so badly, too! For back to school, I'm really digging sweater dresses, thigh high boots, fall florals (skirts), blazers, and of course leather jackets. I used to wear sweats ALL THE TIME last year, but now, I'm dressing it up more this year :) xx

Anonymous said...

Aw, I love Rupert Grint <3

I love those photos, they're stunning!

Anonymous said...

i like that music!

Runaway Gallery said...

is that your home? its decorated so well

Kylie said...

I've seen Cherrybomb ;) Be jelz