Sunday, June 28, 2009

i didn't get much sleep last night

I leave for camp in a few minutes. I've been looking forward to camp ever since I got home from it last year. I will update you on my travels and fun times once I get home. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, I only have to wait until Thursday for the day to come! All of you guys are lovely, and I'd like to thank you so much for reading and commenting. My father is now beckoning me to come into the car. IMC, here I come!

Tomorrow Morning-Jack Johnson
I'm Yours-Jason Mraz
Words That I Employ-Coach Said Not To
Risque-Cute Is What We Aim For
Makes Me Happy-Drake Bell
Sinai-Ghost Bees
Live For Loving You-Gloria Estefan
Baby, It's Fact-Hellogoodbye
Black Sand-Jenny Lewis
City Song-Mia Riddle


StickyKitten said...

i'm doing a giveaway tonight on my blog! please swing by to enter!i'm giving away a free crystal cake necklace, handmade by me!

CaptainAwesome said...

i hope you have alot of fun at IMC!
sounds like a fun experience from what i hear.

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures hope you enjoy camp!

Anonymous said...

love your photos!
beautiful blog xx

m o r g a n <3 said...

The people stuck in Winnipeg shall miss you, no matter how often you communicate with them anyways.
Have fun!

Rae said...

i love those songs!
Oh yes and the pictues

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

have a wonderful time at camp!!!

LML said...

i am obligated to love any playlist with jenny lewis on it!

Belle said...

Happy Belated! Have fun at camp!

ONiC said...

have fun there ;)
hello, i just found your blog btw

a. said...

aww, how cute.
have fun.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i hope you had a lovely time!!

cody said...

lovely pics<3

Anonymous said...

very cute!!

Anonymous said...

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