Thursday, March 12, 2009

it's our love

I have to sign up for courses for my next year in high school, and I am precarious about what I should sign up for, since I still do not know what I want to do out of high school. Of course, I am also going to be taking Drama, Choir, English, Pre Calculus, Vocal Jazz, Chamber Choir and History. I'm most likely taking Biology, but do I need Physics or Chemistry? I would also like to take a computer course, like multimedia, application or science. Oh, but which one to choose is a very difficult decision.

One of my best friends had a birthday bash a while ago, and I took a picture of the meal that I had in the morning, doesn't it look just delicious?
My past few weeks have been filled with performing, birthdays, movies, flirting, veggie samosas, Annie, chemistry, catching up in dance class, stefanie, improv, tests, and preparing.
This dress from American Apparel is simply darling! One of my dance classes was considering having this for our costume, and we ended up deciding against it. I probably would have gotten the serpent colour-the first one. It looks like such a sweet dress, I may have to get it once I get a job.

I wrote a poem at the end of February, and I'd love it if you'd give me some feedback. Well, here it is. It isn't titled yet, and I haven't really given it a working title.

i'd set the scene, but i don't recall
everything around us was noticed, but set aside.
like seashells, we lined the way to a magical depth
we didn't divulge
either of us
our shells beautiful, a work of art.
a cluster of jewels adorned my chest
and your hair was mussed from the faded wind

the sand under the bare skin of our feet was the foundation that kept us moving
the waves started out low, a playful game
a constant refreshing nudge
your lips parted into a smile and our hands joined as one, as if our hearts could be influenced.

with a breath of the ocean breeze, i faced your beautiful life
i realized it was impossible to get past the barrier.
it wasn't a fault, more like an obstacle,
yet our hearts just weren't in it
the waves seemed to rain over my thirsty body as i took it all,
and then,
the ending of it all.

coming back was the hardest to do,
the waves acting diabolical; a possessed heart monitor
and there i see it.
arms containing two bodies,
because nothing could be more unbreakable.
interlocking fingers and eyes was never this excruciating,
i am under the influence of your graceless charm.

then i think of the seashells,
the fear to dive in.
to swim in the ocean
is to love the unknown
and to love the unknown
is to love you.

Question of the Day: If you could travel to two places, where would you go?

I know that I've posted pictures of her before, but I just needed to again! Amy Diamond and I are probably secret twin sisters, we just aren't sure about it yet. Sorry if this is photo-heavy.
This whole outfit looks so cozy, but it doesn't looks bulky, like many cozy clothes can sometimes be when worn together.
Yes, I'm a bad girl. I want that sequinned jacket. I can't lose my love for glittery goodness, it's too hard! I had a pair of my friend's jeans for a while, and they were purple and somehow went with so many pieces of my wardrobe.
The fit of that shirtdress is so constructed and oddly designed that I fell in love with it. I also love the colour of it! As well, I really like her hair in all of these pictures, and I wish I had my lighter hair colour back sometimes, but then other times, I'm content with what I have right now.
Isn't that vest just amazing?
I really need a cardigan like this. I own a ratted up pink knit cardigan from Old Navy and a turquiose/teal one from who-knows-where. I have had my friend Beverley's gold cardigan for almost a month now, and I just love it! I'm excited to see what will happen when she grows out of it. A local improv team wears cardigans, and I am mighty envious.

This last picture makes me wish again for my old hair colour. If I had that dress, I'd spin around to watch everything move!

Last summer, I went to International Music Camp, also known as IMC. It was such a fantastic experience, and I am looking forward to (hopefully) returning in the upcoming summer. My school has the brochure hung up on the wall, and I was looking at it when I noticed that I was included in one of the photographs featured inside. It is also on this page of the website, and if you truly are wondering, I'm the one with the striped socks. We were supposed to dress in a way that expressed our personality, so I dressed in bright colours from head to toe, like a lot of people.

I have been updating the playlist on my blog. I have added this one song that was written about me(well, not really) and it is called she'sgotstyle. Give it a listen, it's really good! And I'm not quite sure why the song 'Be Gentle With Me' hasn't been playing the full length of the song. It's probably just the original location of the music file.

Have a great week, my starry-eyed wanderers!



beverley said...

This was SUCH a good post! :) amy diamond is a cutie pie, son of a darlin'!

and I am so jealous that your picture is in for the drama class. I can't wait to go back!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

great post :)

and i am envious of your epic poetry skillzzzzzz....


take care

<3 lise

in company with sparkles said...

I love the vivid connectivity of your poem. And the striped socks =) I'm on the website for the Scottish arts camp I go to as well.

If I could travel anywhere right now - Japan...and France again. My friend is visiting France right now, and I'd love to see the countryside and apprentice at a pastryshop. What about you?

love, Cait

Anonymous said...

such an adorable post, sweetie! you're right about amy diamond. she is super cute, as is her amazing wardrobe! your poem is beautifully dreamy, but sad too.

Anonymous said...

i looooooooooove that AA dress! it is darling.

Amelia said...

The poem is wonderful. I love how it starts--the first line is perfect. If you really want feedback, I feel like it could flow better rhythmically, but that may just be me.

That breakfast looks really good!

Anonymous said...

glad your back baby,
that girls adorable:)
your brekkie looks yummy:)
cute skater dresses,xxx

Belle said...

Love the skater dress.
I would love to go to Europe, anywhere in Europe, but if I had to pick two places Italy and France.
Great post

Twobreadsplease said...

I have that AA skater dress, it's wonderful and so good for layering, you should get it! The food looks soooo tasty! x

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

lovely post as always!!
i have tagged you on my blog!!

Sophia said...

what a superb blog and a superb post. i'm glad i stumbled upon it!

i'm in the exact same predicament concerning high school. i have not the SLIGHTEST idea what i want to do, and next year is my SENIOR YEAR. i'm just taking a wide variety of classes, i think, from economics to computer programming to painting!

i love that american apparel dress too. the green is my favorite, my friend has it :)

Helen said...

hmm tasty food! that dress does look lovely too, it'd make me feel like a ballerina

Sophia said...

i never answered the question of the day!

Rather than picking two places, I would go on a trip to Europe with just a backpack full of essentials and very little money and I would walk everywhere and just live like someone who lives there (rather than going to fancy hotels and museums, etc.) It's fun dreaming about doing stuff like that. I want to go everywhere!

Indie.Tea said...

Cardigans are fantastic, aren't they? I cannot imagine my closet without them...

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

that breakfast looks amazing! want those dresses too :)

La Fée said...

that green dress is adorable :)

La Femme Chic said...

That food looks so delicious!!!!!
If I could pick two places to travel to I would choose Scotland and France.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

that dress is amazing!!
and flight of the conchords....AMAZING!!
(sorry i couldnt do a longer comment before!!)
nicola xx

Liz V. said...

i really love your poem. the words are so beautiful.