Saturday, November 1, 2008

you're gonna be going in style

You are really getting on my nerves. Not literally. That's a good thing. But you really need to fix yourself up before the next time you talk to me. I know you won't though.

You. If you want it so bad, go and DO IT. See where that gets you! *snicker*

So, Halloween was yesterday. I didn't go out, I saw a musical, and it was AMAZING. I dressed up as Penny Pingleton, wearing a plaid dress, glittery gold tights, flats, and curly pigtails. I actually wore eyeliner too! I never really bother. I woke up today and I had a craving to watch a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. So I took out my old VHS movies and watched about 4. I have a lot of stuff of theirs. I really want to get their new book, Influence. How was your halloween?

1-Come Together-The Beatles
2-Everything I've Got-Blosson Dearie
3-My Paper Hearts-The All-American Rejects
4-Sadie Hawkins Dance-Relient K
5-The Cheapest Key-Kathleen Edwards
6-I Got This Down-Simian Mobile Disco
7-Friday Night-Lily Allen
8-Still Dirrty-Christina Aguilera
9-Dancing With Myself-Nouvelle Vague
10-Are You The One?-The Presets
11-When You're Gone-Avril Lavigne
12-Beating Hearts Baby-Head Automatica
13-Garden of Evil-1997
14-House of Wolves-My Chemical Romance
15-Thunder-Boys Like Girls
16-Goodbye-Miley Cyrus
17-The Girl-City and Colour
18-Dear Time Traveller-The Scene Aesthetic
19-Dateless Losers-Reel Big Fish
20-One Vision-Queen
21-Breakfast in America-Supertramp
22-Something That Produces Results-The Early November
23-Capturing Moods-Rilo Kiley
24-Paint it Black-The Vines
25-We Go Together-Grease
26-If I Run-Semisonic
27-You Belong-Hercules & Love Affair
28-Katie-Missy Higgins
29-Foxes Mate For Life-Born Ruffians
30-Disconnect the Dots-Of Montreal

I'm having Subway for dinner. I haven't had it in a while. What do you like on your sub? I like to have italian bread, turkey, mayo, sub sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and LOTS of pickles! I get the same thing every time.
photographs, photographs, photographs.
I want to take pictures of things outside, but I fear that it is too cold to lie in the grass.


haley! said...

whole wheat bread, cheese, mayo, sub sauce, lettuce, and turkey.

EM said...

whole wheat, ham, turkey, tomato, lettuce, white cheddar, onion, peppers, cucumber, and pepper.


cute blog post, penny.

beverley said...

italian herbs and cheese bread, cucumbers, pickles, tomatoes, teriyaki chicken, salt and pepper, lettuce, sub sauce and a few red onions.