Thursday, November 6, 2008

try to remember everything

Today is November 6th 2008. It’s currently raining. I’m on the second storey and I can see the rain splattering casually on the windowpane. Did that sound poetic or what? I’m just joshing, it didn’t sound very poetic. It’s all based on opinion, I guess. I can see two light brown chimneys outside of the window. It makes me think of the winter holidays, and how I used to sit in front of the fireplace, being careful not to be hit by sparks or stare into the flames for too long at a time. I used to have this one red dress, and I loved it. It’s November 6th though, not December.
During math class today, after eating all of my food, like usual, I began to do my work. After doing a chunk of questions, I took out a new slice of paper(oh, that saying brings me back to grade 7) and began to draw a face. 15 minutes later, I had covered the entire front of the page. I wish I had a scanner so that I could show y’all, but the page is full of drawings of Harry Potter related things, speech bubbles and all. It’s quite a delight to see it, so I have kept it out of my binder all day.

I haven’t done a word of the day in two whole days! That is long for me. I was planning to have a different one every day for the whole year(or maybe just the whole school year, because I gave them to my friend P) but that didn’t happen. Whatever. There’s still ‘Hug of the Day’.
Check that out.