Wednesday, November 26, 2008

seriously, ridiculous

My amazing and beautiful phone was killed in a car accident on November 24th 2008. I always wanted to name it, but I never did. Now I'm using an old motorola, and it gets the job done, but it isn't special to me. My wallpaper is a photo of my demolished phone. I'd upload it, but I don't know how from this new phone. The pictures it takes are of terrible quality. I guess I'll have to get out my old, chunky, clunky camera to take all of my photos now. Sigh.

A lot of my fellow bloggers, and friends have been tired lately. Overloaded with work and life, or just staying up late for no reason. When I'm tired, I find that my longing for something increases. Not for everything, but for some things. This could be a problem if you want something you shouldn't want. Or shouldn't be able to want.

The reason I've been posting a little bit less than usual is because my mother has been using the computer a lot recently and I also have been talking on the phone more. I was never a phone person. Not to say that I don't talk on the phone a lot, because I say so much when I'm on the phone. Most of the time. Unless I'm tired.

Longing. Longing is a long unfulfilled desire for somthing that promises pleasure of some kind. Pining. Pining is an overpowering longing for something/someone, especially when two lovers are apart. It said so on urban dictionary.
I'm going to be playing with the layout on this blog.


CaptainAwesome said...

Thats like me.
I havent had much time on the computer really. Until now anyways. My mom has been using the computer more than usual, which is weird. When I had computers last year, I loved the fact I basically can do whatever I wanted. haha. Im excited to see what you'll do with your layout. I love it when people change their layouts it's so excting XDD

Haley said...

hey erin,
your phone is beautiful.

Haley said...

of course it's beautiful.

beverley said...

I'm in love with that girl's clothes!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the phone, poor little thing!
Wonderful glasses and top, beautiful, and thanks for the lovely comments :D

READY, SET, GO! said...

Pictures and words are wonderful. I love that girls outfit! Your blog is such a good read, and thank you for your comment lovely! xo