Sunday, October 12, 2008

every flower stares and watches

When I was in grade 3, there was a boy in my class. He was immature, like all of us. He took it to another level, naturally. I don't know if he was actually intrigued with what he was doing, or if he was trying to show off, or if he was taken over by spirits, but it was SOMETHING. He was sitting at his desk, like the rest of us, working on whatever we were working on. He takes out some glue, and begins to glue a PENCIL SHARPENER TO HIS FACE. Who in the world would ever think of doing that? GENIOUS I TELL YOU! ABSOLUTELY GENIOUS! The glue dries and he attempts to stick more things on his face. We are all wondering what the hell he is doing, when the teacher FINALLY notices, and drags him out of the room by the pencil sharpener. It was a fun day.

I have this one friend. He's a pretty special guy. Every day I see him, he just lights up the room(okay, maybe not, but that would be pretty cool. It's like he's a superhero or a sort of god with powers to rule light) and that is a great talent to have. He's silly, because you can be silly at any age, just in different ways. I'm a young fool, but he is not. Okay, maybe sometimes. But everyone is sometimes. He can do great things, and he obviously will go on to do things for the greater good(like dumbledore and an UNMENTIONABLE OTHER). Yay for you!

I went out for dinner on Saturday. Being the cool person I am, I tried something new and exotic: CAESER SALAD, FRIES AND CHICKEN FINGERS(not from the kids menu, shut up)!!! At almost every restaurant I go to, I want caeser salad. Or fries. Or pizza. Or penne. Wow, I'm talking about food again. I just can't stop, can I?
It's autumn. I really think that you should jump into a pile of leaves(if they've fallen yet). Even just lie down outside(by yourself or with someone else) on the grass and look up at that glorious sky and think. It is so refreshing to just be outside and to breathe in the orange air. It's starting to smell like Halloween. Which reminds me, I should get a costume. I really want to be Lavender Brown, but I don't have any Hogwarts robes. Canada doesn't have a lot of HP merchandise that I want/need.

Handsome smiles wearing handsome shoes,
Too young to say, though I swear he knew,
And i hear him singing while he sits there in his chair,
While these autumn leaves float around everywhere.

Paolo Nutini-Autumn


Preston! said...

YAY ERIN! I so light up a room with my super hero powers.

Preston! said...

YAY you made my day.

beverley said...

wow, i have no clue why, but I totally guessed that the person was Preston... boy that's odd. Love the pictures, song at the end and over all post! :)

Time to Get Fuzzy said...

Value Village had Gryffindor robes. I think they still might...

come by on a Thursday or a weekend, and I'll help you find them.