Saturday, October 11, 2008

all i think about is how

It feels like it's Monday. It's Friday though. This week has been full of a bunch of things. Many things have gone on. A lot of my friends have been feeling stressed out lately, and all of their stress is getting to me. I'm doing all of my work. I'm not skipping class. I'm trying to understand everything we learn in classes. So why am I feeling so stressed out? It's just that everyone around me is dealing with a bunch of things right now, and they have so much to do and everything is cramped into their days, and then there's me, who has time to blog almost every night, go on facebook, read a book, watch television, ect. I know that I'm a good student. I am not the best at math, and I'm currently passing, and for PreCal last year, one girl got a 60 for her final mark, and that was the highest mark of the class. It's pretty insane, because it's October already, and now is where we dive into the work. September was more of a back to school type of thing, where we went over things we learnt last year, and then applied it to new concepts, and it all fit in nicely. In math, we are just finishing up doing that, and then we will be moving on to other things. In computers, we are making a flash animation, and frankly, I'm "struggling". The reason for those quotations? I'm not really trying. It makes enough sense to me that I can do it, but I just don't see the point of sitting in class working on a flash animation that is going to turn out bad anyways. I wish I had English this semester. That way everything would be balanced out. I just get so much joy sitting down and editing a story. I don't know why I have such feelings about it, but it just makes me feel good to edit. I haven't written a good story in FOREVER. Forever=a few months.

Love is in the air. Unfortunately, the air is cold outside, and in our school the air is infected(most likely). We just all need something new to talk about. How about this DOUGHNUT THAT I AM CRAVING SO MUCH? Yeah, I really want a doughnut. The title of my blog should be ERIN LOVES FOOD, because I'm always craving or talking about food some way or another.
Some things are a bigger deal to someone as they are to another. So seriously, if you don't think something is a big deal to you, don't go making comments or asking questions, especially after you know that it is a big deal to the other person.

I wonder what my favourite pokemon is. I really like charmander. WOOT, CHARIZARD! Jigglypuff is always awesome. Squirtle is a cutie. I don't like bulbasaur much, but I should give him some credit for being cool. One of my favourite characters on the show was Meowth. I don't really know why, because he wasn't on the good side, but he always slipped up and made mistakes and whatnot. Pikachu of course. Hmm. I have a shirt with Mewtwo on it. What's your favourite Pokemon?

I have sparkles in my hair. I am SO tired, I just want to sleep. Except I have geo and then improv after school. And then maybe I can buy a doughnut(again, mentioning food). It feels like I don't know much that goes on in a few of my really close friends' lives. I haven't seen a couple of them for long periods of time for a long time, and if I have, there isn't any time to talk.

I am at my friend I's house, and she is painting her nails. I wish I was more skilled at the art of painting es nails. Thanksgiving is soon. I really hate stuffing. It's gross. My close family friend W bought me a doughnut. I was mad at Tim Hortons for not having Boston Cream or Chocolate Dip. How can you not have chocolate dip?


Preston!!! :D said...

ERIN I can help you in flash! I am fluent in the ways of macromedia flash. :)

Preston!!! said...

DANG I cant have :D in my name.
It turns out :d

haley! said...

okay shit erin,
stuffing is my FAVORITE part.
i could eat like 13086129612 pounds of it.