Friday, August 29, 2008


my head all of a sudden is pounding/how strange/i can't have a bruise in my brain/stopping me from thinking of things that make me sad/my hair is really straight/it feels nice too/i wish someone would play with my hair/it's a nice feeling/no one has played with my hair in a really long time/my friend asked me a good question the other day/it made me think/i can't like two people/the question was interesting/that's weird/oww/glitter/my eye hurts/it is literally sparkling/haha i'm funny/don't you dislike when people begrudge you for no reason/i'm hungry/it's so stupid/like, what did i do wrong/if i had done something, maybe it would make more sense/eyelids are drooping/sleep?/not yet/okay, now.

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