Thursday, June 26, 2008

wish you were here

my finger with the chipped teal nail polish traces the palm of my hand. it trails down to my alphabet bedspread, and immediately finds your first initial.
wish you were here.
my hands are cold to the touch as i sit alone in this stadium of my life. the breeze chills me and i immediately think of your jacket.
wish you were here.
the keys of the piano seem unusually untouched and quiet in this empty room. an empty room like this can be so deafening, and i think of those moments when we just looked at each other and knew.
wish you were here.
this cup of tea is strangely left cold sitting on the kitchen table. the heat, warmth and passion is gone, and i'm wishing it were here. you were here.
my finger traces the palm of my hand, a weak immitation of your soul that captured me.
wish you were here.
this loud chatter and over-whelming sense of belonging is in this room tonight as my friends try to talk some sense into me. i love them and their company, but i'm wishing you were here with me. with us.

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