Thursday, April 24, 2008

definition of sore is me.

1. grevious (trouble, perplexity, pain); suffering bodily or mental pain, or painfully sensitive to a touch or allusion, owing to wounds or bruises or failure.

If someone asked me to find a word to describe me right now, I would definitely pick sore. I just got back from a dress rehersal for a dance show that I am doing in a couple of days. The dress rehersal started at six, and ended at ten. I love to dance, but this is painful.

I am going to sleep soon, but first, I just wanted to make an entry in my blog. Otherwise, I'd totally forget about this, and just have a plain, empty and sad profile.

haha, i just found scalleywag in the dictionary.


beverley said...

very very nice!

good luck at the show :)

Erin said...
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