Saturday, April 26, 2008


Can you read that? If not, let me fill you in.
Contact Rupert Grint.
Rupert Grint Contact Info.
Does someone out there seriously think that I would actually click on that. There are so many things to put into account.
Okay, the first thing is the fact that I already know how to contact him. Hello, fansite! The second is, as much as I think that Rupert Grint is fabulous, I am not going to go fangirl on him and try to stalk him. I was just on a myspace page, and the person on that page had the words Rupert Grint and Amanda Bynes written on the page. And sure enough, there are ads about that. I think that there are probably ads for everything. I think that it would be quite amusing to see what kind of crazy ads you could find. So far, I like the cheese advertisements. They make me smile, even though I dislike cheese.

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